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Welcome to Scarborough Driving Test Centre! This is where you will come to prove to the D.V.S.A. examiner that you have got what it takes to drive safely for life!! As you enter the site from Cayton Low Road (look out for the sign below!), you need to follow the one way system (the yellow line) and obey the 10 m.p.h. speed limit as well as all other road signs and markings around the D.T.C. (give way and directions).          CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO VIEW FULL SIZE

The Musham Bank Roundabout can be quite tricky to negotiate, so study the picture below well. Visit and select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look at this roundabout! It is close to the Driving Test Centre, so is very likely to be part of your test!

At Cromwell Parade / Road / Terrace there are three ‘tricky’ closed T-junctions. Good clutch control and observations are needed as the road is quite hilly and usually has a lot of parked cars to negotiate.  (Visit and select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look).

You may be asked to go up Belvedere Rd and onto Filey Rd. The road has parked cars at unusual angles, so take care passing & watch out for oncoming traffic, keeping left around the first bend. Get your mirrors, signal, position, speed & gears done before you get to Filey Road so that you are ready to go if there is a gap in the traffic. It is quite a steep hill & a sharp left, so 1st gear will be needed.  (Visit & select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look).

St James Road is the second left off Seamer Road, after the traffic lights. When you are asked to take the “second road on the left”, check your mirrors and keep left (into the left lane). Signal left when half way across the first road (Avenue Road) - any sooner could confuse!    (Visit & select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look).

You may approach the mini roundabout at East Ayton coming from Seamer. It is very tight, so keep it slow, look properly to the right & for on-coming traffic (look for ‘blockers’), check mirrors & signal to leave the roundabout but cancel signal immediately as there is a turning on the left.           (Visit & select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look).

The main difficulty here is when Westwood Road bends right onto Westwood (Tesco road). There are parked cars on your right and often on-coming traffic passing them. Take the corner slowly and be prepared to stop as on-coming traffic may have nowhere else to go!       (Visit & select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look).

You may turn right at the traffic lights onto Valley Bridge, but if there is on-coming traffic to wait for, wait in the ‘KEEP CLEAR’ area ‘tight up’ to the right white line but no further forward than the next white line.

(Visit and select ‘birds eye view’ to have a good look).

(Click on photos for larger image)

(Click on photos for larger image)