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Some useful information from a former DVSA Examiner on what to expect on you driving test.

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The information below is from a article

If you're under 25, car insurance can be prohibitive; even the average for 17-22 year olds is £2,250. The Co-op's just launched a 'pay how you drive' policy, so we've sped up publishing our new hugely detailed, step-by-step Young Driver's Car Insurance guide. Here's a brief summary.

After that, see if you can get hidden cashback; FULL info in the New Guide: Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Visit the CO-OP insurance website for details of this great new money saving scheme. It’s a box you have fitted to your car that measures your speed, acceleration/braking, cornering and the time of day that you drive. If you drive safely & sensibly, your are rewarded with much cheaper insurance. GREAT IDEA!!

The information below is also from a article, so worth checking out?

The cost of car insurance radically increased in 2010 (up 29% on average, but 51% for young drivers!!), partly due to fraud, according to the AA's British Insurance Premium Index. So it's more important than ever not to simply renew, but to compare, often saving £100s. Do a FULL comparison: The trick is using the right comparison sites to cover as much of the market as quickly as possible. Use BOTH Compare the Market & GoCompare to cover over 150 providers at speed. Check big ones they miss: Get quotes from Aviva & Direct Line who aren't included by comparison sites. Young drivers options: Here quotes can be a massive £2,500 a year. To cut costs, as well as doing comparisons, also consider pay-as-you-drive cover from Coverbox. More Than's Drive Time (0800 294 8911) and i-kube, but each has caveats so read carefully & be sure you know what you're doing. And for provisional drivers Provisional Marmalade and Endsleigh often have cheaper learner only policies.

If the above hasn’t produced a cheap enough quote, there are further options which may help.

There are a couple of policies that use GPS or tracking devices that look at when and where you drive. If you're a low use driver these can cut costs.

Coverbox's Pay As You Drive cover varies the price per mile according to the time of the day or night you drive. It is currently offering some drivers under 30 a £50 cash back and price match deal (details will be on your quote if your qualify). A free GPS tracking device is fitted to your car so it can be tracked if stolen and you can monitor when and where you drive on a secure Internet site

More Than's Drive Time, Tel 0800 294 8911, (for 18-25 year olds who don't often drive between 11pm and 6am) and

i-kube (for 17-25 year olds who don't often drive between 11pm and 5am) base their price on when you drive. There's an extra fee for driving outside the set hours making the cost prohibitive if you do so.

Swinton's Young Driver is worth checking out as it's a bespoke policy, yet just because it's specialist doesn't mean it will automatically be cheaper.

As a more radical alternative Young Marmalade is worth a look. Here you get the insurance policy alongside low risk new or nearly new cars on a 2 to 5 year hire purchase or personal contract plan. This can bring the insurance cost down dramatically but obviously you're buying a car at the same time, do the numbers very carefully with this.

If you're a learner, it often means being added to parents or friends car insurance as an additional driver which can up the cost, and put no claims bonuses at risk.

However it is possible to get specific policies just for the provisional driver which protect this, such as Provisional Marmalade. Endsleigh can also quote for learner drivers.

Young car owners who list parents as the main driver to cut insurance costs are doing what’s called ‘fronting’ and it’s ILLEGAL. It invalidates insurance and can lead to prosecution so don't do it.

However one easy trick to cut costs is to add a good SECOND driver to your policy, even if they’re not going to use the car. It doesn’t always work, so it's a case of trial and error on quotes.

Free online driving theory test & other useful stuff!

Driving test, instant downloads (theory

& practical)

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Off road practice, near Driffield, for 5-17 year olds

Emergency vehicles- DON’T PANIC!

‘Skid pan’ training near York (Elivington)

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