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If you think that you’ve left it too late to learn to drive - think again - it’s NEVER too late!

Although learning anything new as we get older is often more challenging, learning to drive with Lynne and Iain can be fun, exciting and ultimately, very rewarding. We have a lot of experience helping people of various, more ‘mature’ ages (30 - 90), learn to drive for the first time or to just improve their current driving skills.

Meet Alison and Bob!


Bob was aged 60 when he passed his test & was so impressed with the car he learnt in (our old Toyota Yaris), he bought one!

Bob doubted from his very first phone call to us whether he would ever learn to drive & there were many frustrating times, when he got “confuddled” (as he called it!), & many eureka moments during his lessons, but he got there in the end. He used to ride around Scarborough on a moped, & even made long, slow, wet & cold journeys to visit family in West Yorkshire on it. When the weather was really bad he went by train - it cost £35 return and involved long waits at train stations. Now Bob travels in comfort at a time that suits him, & it only costs him £25 in fuel, a £10 saving he can put into his new pride and joy, “YOSSI”.

Alison was aged 53 when she passed her test FIRST time!!

Alison was so nervous about learning to drive that she was too scared to even call us! We were teaching her daughter to drive and she gave us Alison’s phone number, so that we could call her!! After one or two un-repeatable words, Alison agreed to have a lesson. It wasn’t always an easy journey along the way, but with lots of hard work, determination, and lots of fun and laughter too, Alison achieved a great result with a first time pass. Now she has her own car and enjoys the freedom it has given her; no longer relying on her husband for lifts and trips out with her Grandchildren. She still can’t believe that she can drive, and calls us her miracle workers!!

Reviews from some of the ‘mature’ drivers we have helped so far

Karen (42)  “Fantastic driving school! Lynne and Iain are lovely and great instructers. Passed my test first time!!:-)”

Becky (30) “AMAZING! If it wasn't for this driving school I wouldn't have passed my test! Thank you Lynne!”

Maria (34) “With no self confidence it took me a week to phone up to book a lesson , I am so glad I took the plunge and did it. I was immediately put at ease and filled with confidence, in no time I passed my test and my life has now changed forever. I can not thank this wonderful couple enough for such a great experience, my kids love them also and want to learn with them which I hope they get to do.”

Bev (46) “I had Lynne to teach me & she was great. Lynne gave me so much confidence & believed in me & she knew I could do it & Lynne was right I could. Lynne shows you everything you need to know about driving. And me and Lynne got on so well & we had a laugh to & she is just brilliant I can’t say much more really cause i would be writing a full essay on Lynne lol But that’s how happy I am with Lynne she is going to be teaching my daughter to drive &  I would recommend everybody to learn with the Hall School of driving. Thank you very very much Lynne.”

Colin (34) “A big thank u to Lynne for helping me to pass.xx “

Hazel (44) “Fantastical... Loved every minute of my lessons. Lynne and Iain are brilliant, Everything you could hope for in an instructor... Really put you at ease and at the same time make you feel positive and confident about your lessons, have recommended them to a few of my friends, wish I'd found them years ago..!!! ”


Joanne (34) “Lynne. You really are the best! With your positive, calm & lovely bubbly personality, you made it both a pleasure & fun to learn”

Sahana (30) “I was recommended by a few friends to learn my driving from Iain and today I am glad to say I made the right decision. Within an hour of me booking a class with him, Iain comes home and hands me all the papers and information I needed for my first class. He assesses you with your knowledge about driving on the first class and builds on it. The good things about Iain are he is friendly, punctual, positive and very well organised. He is technically well versed with the driving part. He makes notes about the mistakes made and tries to correct them in the next classes. He is never rude unlike many and keeps on encouraging all the time. It was a pleasure to know and learn from Iain. For those who are interested about the results bit, I passed the test in my first attempt and I thank Iain for that!!!”

Andrew (33) “Thank you Iain I'm so pleased, can't wait to get my first car! What Brilliant driving instructors you & your wife are!! Will definitely recommend you!”

Alison (53) “Thank you so much Lynne (& just a little bit Iain!) for your wisdom, never ending patience & encouragement.”   

Sara (33) “Thank u Lynne. You made me feel like I could do it. You and Iain are a wonderful couple. I’ll miss our drives.”

Alison (37) “A huge thank you to both Lynne and Iain for helping me pass my test today!!! Really enjoyed learning to drive with you guys and I feel confident starting a new chapter in my life!! I would recommend Hall Driving School to everyone!! Cant wait to start my new job now”