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Lynne and Iain were great when I was learning to drive. I wasn't very confident at all when I first started and felt so nervous in the drivers seat, but Lynne was so supportive and knew how to keep me calm whilst still making progress with my tuition. I passed in September '13 with the rain pouring down, busy traffic AND the test centre manager sitting in on the test but because of Lynne and Iain I felt fully prepared. I would definitely recommend them, even to people who feel like they're useless and will never pass, like I did! ;)  (Megan)

Lynne and Iain helped myself and two housemates pass our practicals in a relatively short space of time. Lessons were something to look forward to and helped me pass my practical test first time.          (Dan)

I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Lynne and she is a fantastic instructor! Very pleasant to learn with and she made me feel totally at ease from the word go. I couldn't have asked for anyone better :) and with her help and guidance I passed my practical first time :)            (Terri)

I cannot recommend Lynne and Iain enough for all the support throughout my driving lessons. I was a nervous driver because of failing my test a couple of times previous to contacting Hall Driving School, and learning to drive with both Lynne and Iain was the best decision I have ever made. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the confidence to believe in myself, this is something that has held me back for so long and now I drive confidently knowing that I received the highest quality of advice and teaching from them both. Without a doubt, the best driving school in Scarborough. Thank you to you both, I'll wave if I see you around driving!         (Emma)

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough Lynne for for teaching me to drive.To have my independence is going to make a massive difference for me. Taken my dog to woods in the car this afternoon; felt very naughty!!! Thankyou so much again. (Carol)

Thank you so much; best driving instructors in Scarborough!! Very helpful and patient. (Michal)

By far the best driving instructor I’ve had; helped me pass today & felt really calm with her in the back of the car.  (Jack)

The best driving teachers by far! Lynne and Iain were very helpful and patient throughout and have seen me grow from someone who couldn’t drive to someone who feels confident on the roads! Thank you both so much and I’ll miss having the lessons!  (James)

A big thank you for getting our grandson Jack a full driving licence (passed first time)  (Brenda & Gordon)

Thank you for all your time and patience whilst driving. Couldn’t have got where I am today without you and the help from Lynne. Much appreciated and will see you around.      (Jack)

THANK YOU! You helped me gain my confidence and self belief I could do it, as a mature driver. You’re great guys - just keep doing what you’re doing!    (Georgina)

Great guy helped me pass first time … recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive … thanks again Iain  (Marty)

I had a great experience learning to drive with Iain and Lynne. Both are fantastic instructors and very supportive and friendly. I would definitely recommend Hall Driving School for anyone!  (Kaelem)

Passed my test today first time after about 36 hours; thank you so much for all your help - would definitely recommend you to anyone who wanted to start driving! I'll miss you both- see you on the road soon hopefully!  (Jamie)

Iain and Lynne are the most amazing instructors! I remember the day I started lessons with Iain & I got scared of every vehicle passing by … I never expected I'll be that confident & comfortable with driving this soon! I doubt you are a hidden psychologist as well Iain :D You boosted my confidence, polished my skills & made me enjoy driving every single time! One thing I am sure about is....Iain and Lynne both are the best persons and instructors & nobody would ever regret choosing them! Xxx Thank you very much Hall driving School :) (Sadia)

Would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to both Iain and Lynne who are absolutely amazing! Obviously couldn't have done it without them! They made every lesson fun and gave me confidence even when I doubted myself- (like every single lesson!!). After having another driving instructor before Hall Driving, I would recommend them to absolutely anyone who wants to learn to drive because I think they're fantastic! Although, I never thought I would say I would miss having driving lessons! :( Thank you!!! Xxx  (Laura)

Absolutely amazing driving school. Lynne is ace I couldn't of done it without her. Thank you so so much. Would recommend hall driving school to anyone.       (Michelle)

Thanks to Iain I have passed my test for the first time! Thank you so much! Definitely will recommend Hall Driving School. 5* +++    (Karolina)

Got me a pass in under 3 weeks Iain is the man!    (Will)

Learning to drive with Lynne and Iain was absolutely fantastic. The lessons were well rounded and I was able to learn at my own pace. The lessons were all made twice as good by the good natured banter that regularly transpired between teachers and student. I actually miss learning with them but i am also grateful to them both. Whoever you have as your instructor you will enjoy it. Very highly recommended, 10 stars out of 5         (Lynton)

I have nothing but good things to say about Iain and Hall School of Motoring. Iain was wonderful, I got behind the wheel for the first time ever and I had passed my test within three months! The way everything is taught is so easy to understand and you can learn at your own pace. I cannot recommended them enough!          (Melissa)

Thanks for all the hard work, Lynne & Iain. Much appreciated!           (Tom)

Lynne. You really are the best! With your positive, calm & lovely bubbly personality, you made it both a pleasure & fun to learn     (Joanne)

Just wanted to thank you again for teaching me to drive Iain. You’ve been an excellent instructor and I’ve really enjoyed learning with you. Thank you :)                (Charlotte)

Thank you soo much Lynne for all your time! And for putting up with my noises! Haha! It’s been a pleasure meeting you! Will miss not seeing you every week! Soo happy that  I have passed! Thank you soo much! Will keep in contact with you!        (Nic)

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Lynne for getting me a first time pass this morning!! After loosing all my confidence in driving and not driving for 2 years i plucked up the courage to email Halls driving school and had a really quick response asking if she could call me. I felt immediately listened to and she understood my confidence was an issue. From my first lesson to the test she was pleasant and helpful, patient and understanding. After just over 4 weeks (9 lessons) i passed first time and know i could not have done this without the tuition i received from Lynne. I thoroughly recommend this driving school. THANK YOU!!!        (Mika)

I moved to Scarborough to attend university, and I intended to learn to drive through RED driving school, but was put off by their low reviews and high prices, so I turned to Google to find alternatives- Hall Driving School was the only driving school I could find in the Scarborough area with no reviews less than 5 stars, so I contacted Iain and arranged the first lesson. Iain taught me for both the DVLA practical test and the Enhanced pass plus, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Iain was patient (even though I was late to nearly every lesson..) but firm, very knowledgeable, and always available to help- even after I passed the test, he made clear that he was always available for any queries I had regarding buying a car/insurance/maintenance/road safety/etc. The car (Toyota Yaris, manual transmission) is easy to learn in, comfortable to drive, and ideal for the hilly Scarborough area. I have had driving lessons with other instructors previously, and never before have I had a driving instructor who had map printouts and diagrams of all tricky areas of road in the Scarborough area, and wrote a personal review of my last lesson's performance, with strengths, weaknesses and target areas for next week. I passed within three months of my first lesson with Iain (although I did have several lessons previously with other instructors- I had 12 (90 minute) lessons with Iain excluding pass plus), and feel confident and safe in my driving ability- even difficult manoeuvres, such as reverse parking on hills. I will miss Iain's humour, free mints, and funny anecdotes. Guy, First time pass (6 minors), Comfortable Pass Plus pass.         (Guy)

My driving instructor was Lynne and she was calm, patient, friendly and reliable. She made me feel comfortable and at ease when driving. I passed first time which i never thought i would do, and it was all thanks to Lynne's excellent tuition. I cannot thank her enough and would definitely recommend Hall Driving School.    (Charlotte)

Now that my nerves have calmed down I would just like to say thank you Iain. You have been an awesome instructor and given me that little bit extra to pass my test & the right balance of praise & criticism. Knowing how the last lesson went worked for me I think.   (Owen)

Thank you both for all your help ....... you and Lynne are amazing driving instructors!        (Steph)

I had been putting off learning to drive my entire life because it absolutely terrified me. As I rapidly approached 40 my wife suggested I should (had to) learn to drive. Looking in the local area there were many instructors to choose from but the reasonable price and swift call back made my choice easy. I had a chat with Iain over the phone and we arranged to have my first lesson. I was understandably nervous about getting behind the wheel, but within moments Iain’s calm and approachable nature put me at ease. After that, every week I had a one-hour lesson and every week I was making progress, driving soon became much less daunting and I actually enjoyed it. I found Iain to be a great teacher. He is very easy to talk to, has a lot of interesting stories and a bottomless knowledge of driving and the rules of the road. I am not the world’s most ‘people’ person but being in the car with Iain was always fun, interesting and the hour flew by very quickly. I had somewhere between 20-25 lessons and I always felt Ian was pushing me just hard enough, never beyond my comfort zone but enough to always be teaching me new things. Iain was always happy to change his lesson if there was something I wanted to practice more. As soon as Iain felt, I was test ready he suggested I book it. I was not sure I was ready, but Iain’s knowledge and faith in me proved correct as I passed both my theory and practical test first time and I put this down to the excellent teachings from Iain. I cannot recommend Hall Driving School highly enough. I have gone from being absolutely terrified of driving to someone who can now happily drive, get myself to work, take my wife out, take the dog for a walk on the moors and help get my elderly parents to where ever they need to go.  (David)

Thank you Iain and Lynne; you truly are fabulous instructors and I can't believe how quick I passed!

Will miss my lessons but so pleased to be a qualified driver. See you on the road x   (Sarah)

Passed my test today, could not have done it without the help of Iain and Lynne. Excellent instructors that are really friendly and so helpful. Can't recommend them enough! Thanks Iain & Lynne, you're the best x  (Rosie)

Thank you guys for helping me pass 1st time. You guys are amazing, and knew when I was ready. Can’t thank you enough :)    (Peter)

Excellent from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone. Got me through my test 1st time after only 3 months. I can’t thank you enough.       (Chris)

Thank you so much for everything Iain; I really didn’t think I would ever do it and you have encouraged me so much to do it! You are a brilliant instructor and I hope my success will bring you more pupils!       (Kelly)

Thanks Lynne for making learning to drive a fun & comfortable experience, even if we did spend some of it driving in circles!    (Nicola)

My driving instructor was Lynne and she was so patient and kind throughout my time learning to drive. I started in June and I honestly didn't think I'd pass before 2011 but I did (first time, too!!!). I didn't think that would happen. I strongly recommend them. You WILL pass with this driving school. Thanks, Lynne :)        (Rachel)

Iain is a great instructor, patient, calm and definitely increases confidence on the road! So pleased I chose this driving school, a good instructor makes ALL the difference. Would 100% recommend to ANYONE wanting to take lessons at any level. Thank you!        (Rosie)

Thanks for your help Lynne. I don’t think that I would have passed this quick without you. You were a great instructor!      (Becky)

I recently immigrated from the U.S. and driving over here is completely different. So I booked lessons with Lynn because of the great reviews on Google. Well, don't ignore these reviews. Lynn was excellent, professional, patient, and she really prepared me for this test. I just took my driving test today and passed the 1st time with 4 minor faults! I couldn't have done it without Lynn's thorough instruction.      (Leah)

Super-didly-dooper.......Lynne was my driving instructor and was very kind, patient and just all round lovely, AND i passed so you can't really ask for much more! Thanks Lynne!          (Becky)

Iain has to be one of the best instructors in Scarborough. He's patient, and is always there to help (even when not in a lesson). I didn't pass first time (my own fault) but I stuck at it and passed. There wasn't ever a lesson that wasn't enjoyable, and Iain is very friendly and easy to get along with. Would definitely recommend him for either normal lessons, or pass plus!    (Steve)

I had Lynne to teach me & she was great. Lynne gave me so much confidence & believed in me & she knew I could do it & Lynne was right I could. Lynne shows you everything you need to know about driving. And me and Lynne got on so well & we had a laugh to & she is just brilliant I can’t say much more really cause i would be writing a full essay on Lynne lol But that’s how happy I am with Lynne she is going to be teaching my daughter to drive &  I would recommend everybody to learn with the Hall School of driving. Thank you very very much Lynne.              (Bev)

Learning to drive with Iain was so easy. He made things so easy to understand and made learning to drive fun and exciting! I would recommend the semi-intensive driving course to everyone after two weeks with Iain! The lessons I had with Iain really prepared me for anything, including the extremely bad weather on my driving test. I do not think I would be as confident on the roads if it wasn't for the skills I learnt through Iain! I highly recommend Hall driving school to anyone! Thank you Hall driving School!        (Peter)

I came all the way from London (where the waiting list to do a driving test is 14 weeks!) to Scarborough (where the waiting list was just 2 weeks) and stayed with family whilst I did an 'intensive driving course' with Iain. It was great! He was an excellent teacher - really supportive, encouraging, fun, understanding and the rest. I felt completely at ease and felt that I learnt a lot from the outset. I could see a massive improvement in each class, and I managed to take my test and pass first time too!! I would highly recommend both Iain and Lynne to all drivers young and old, somewhat experienced or totally unexperienced. They will teach you to drive safely using tricks and techniques that will stick with you for life. You'll have a lot of fun learning too I'm sure! Thanks Iain and Lynne!!    (Katya)

Thank you so much Lynne for all your time and effort in teaching me how to drive. I will miss our funny conversations and Monday drives! Thanks again.   (Liam)

A huge thank you to both Lynne and Iain for helping me pass my test today!!! Really enjoyed learning to drive with you guys and I feel confident starting a new chapter in my life!! I would recommend Hall Driving School to everyone!! Cant wait to start my new job now     (Alison)

I would highly recommend Lynne and Iain I have just passed my test without any outside practice. Lynne took me for the majority of my lessons and was very knowledgeable and friendly. I had never been in driving seat before I started my lessons and was quite nervous but I was made to feel as ease and now love driving. There isn't much more that I can say apart from if you're thinking about getting driving lessons, give them a ring they will advise you on what to do. Good luck!        (Laura)

Brilliant and a first time pass! My driving instructor was Lynne, who is a fantastic teacher and is very patient. She knows all you need to know about driving and will teach you everything you need to pass your test.       (Ellis)

I'd failed my test once before with a different instructor and was really nervous but Iain put me at ease straight away. He was very patient and gave me a great deal of confidence in my ability to pass. Lynne came along one lesson to do a mock test which really helped when it came to the actual test. Both Lynne and Iain are really friendly and professional. The lessons were arranged to suit me and every lesson Iain went over what we had covered last lesson and what we'd be doing next. Needless to say I passed this time with flying colours and I now love driving - no nerves!         (Jodie)

Just want to say thanks Lynne for being a good instructor and getting me passed  first time. Thank you.          (Shauna)

I passed my test on the 30th July with Lynne as my instructor. I'd had a few lessons the year before but this was like learning all over again! It was a massive learning journey for both of us as I was her first pupil! Lynne was patient, kind, and really fun to learn with. She knew how to be professional and really put me at ease behind the wheel. Her explanations were clear, concise and really easy to understand. I was very happy to learn with Lynne, she made the whole experience enjoyable and if I had to I'd do it all over again! :) (Minus the tests!)       (Leanne)

I’ve just passed my driving test last week.. First time! It didn’t seem to be that scary as thanks to Iain I felt well prepared for that day. I totally agree with the previous reviewers about Iain; his, patience and a great sense of humour but the thing that impressed me the most about him was his teaching skill. As English is not my mother language when I first got in to the car, I was struggling with the new driving terminology and not following the instructions also causing a hazard on the roads. Although Iain was dealing with it professionally.. always with a smile. He will pick you up and drop you off to a place of your choice (cheaper then a taxi!) Very easy going and always on time. My rating 10/10        (Eva)

I was recommended by a few friends to learn my driving from Iain and today I am glad to say I made the right decision. Within an hour of me booking a class with him, Iain comes home and hands me all the papers and information I needed for my first class. He assesses you with your knowledge about driving on the first class and builds on it. The good things about Iain are he is friendly, punctual, positive and very well organised. He is technically well versed with the driving part. He makes notes about the mistakes made and tries to correct them in the next classes. He is never rude unlike many and keeps on encouraging all the time. It was a pleasure to know and learn from Iain. For those who are interested about the results bit, I passed the test in my first attempt and I thank Iain for that!!!     (Sahana)

I've just passed my test after having lessons with Iain. He was incredibly friendly and made the whole experience enjoyable. He has an in-depth knowledge of everything driving related which filled me with confidence. It was brilliant value as some instructors charge a fortune. I highly recommend it!    (Mikey)


I have just passed my driving test through Hall DS, my instructor Iain was fantastic. He was very flexible when arranging lessons and he filled me with confidence whilst driving under his instruction. The lessons were well structured and i felt that I was making progress each lesson (something I haven't experienced with other instructors!) I would recommend him to anyone!      (Gemma)

I passed my driving test first time yesterday and it’s all down to Lynne for being so patient with me and really helping me learn to drive. Lynne has helped both me and my partner pass our tests first time and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Lynne; see you on the road. x  (Niamh)

Thank you for everything you have done for me; you couldn't have given me a better experience and time as a learner. You and Iain are both lovely, kind and caring people who are easy to get along and have a laugh with. I would highly recommend both of you! I hope to keep in touch and I will give you a beep when I'm driving past you at some point in the future. Once again thank you for everything I enjoyed every moment of the whole experience.   (Owen)

I cannot recommend Halls Driving School enough! Just passed my test today, first time. Lynne was incredible! warm, friendly, kind and patient, she became a friend. The best teacher ever! I’m really going to miss our lessons, but I’ll drive with confidence using all the skills I was taught xxxx thank you, you’ve helped change my life! Xxxx    (Becky)

So grateful to Lynne and Iain for making this experience fun and relaxing and getting me to finally pass my driving test. Can’t recommend to use both enough.      (Kirsty)

Great instructor! I passed first time with Hall Driving School. They’re both lovely and fantastic at what they do! I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive!    (Dan)

Lynne & Iain are both fantastic instructors and also lovely people! So glad I spent the time learning to drive with them both, so don't waste time, get in touch with them now!     (Andrew)

What a wonderful experience. I was so nervous, but Lynne made me feel instantly relaxed and after only a few lessons, my confidence grew. I also had a lesson with Iain who was equally patient, experienced and positive to be around. I would highly recommend Hall Driving School.    (Tracey)

Could not have passed my test without Lynne. She is one of the most patient and kindest instructors. Highly recommend.  (Kelly)

After an unpleasant experience with another instructor I decided to give Hall Driving School a try; it was definitely the best decision I made. I cannot recommend Lynne enough, she was brilliant, very friendly and it was all a totally relaxed experience. After very few lessons I felt confident on the road and therefore arranged my driving test which I passed first time. I couldn't of done it without the help and support given from Lynne.   (Liam)

Hall driving school is by far the best in Scarborough,  I had Iain as my instructor, his method of teaching is fun, innovative , ever-changing and engaging. Instead of just telling you what to do he has an ipad with pictures and maps of all the areas in you are likely to go and he shows you exactly where to go and what to do, and when things go wrong he can use the maps and diagrams to explain in detail how you can improve. He used his initiative to create little games to help solve my personal problems for example one time he would change my gear while I was driving and I had to react promptly to put it in the right gear, to help me understand how to correct myself when I got the wrong gear. I had a lesson with another instructor before Ian but he was quiet in the car, I felt quite left to my own devices and he wasn't as good as explaining things. I haven't seen any other instructors that write a review after every lesson you do with what we did , what I need to improve and what we are doing next lesson. At the start of every lesson there is time to read this which really helps us both understand where I am at and where to improve and speeds up the learning process. Lessons were always enjoyable and Ian is very sociable with a good sense of humour, he has been doing this for years and you can clearly tell! The car itself is lovely to drive, its small and easy to move with extra mirrors fitted so you can see exactly where you are in the road , it had notes on the door to remind you how to parallel park and under the bonnet the different bottles are identified to make show me tell me questions easier. It also has dual controls so Iain can help by changing gear or braking if needed.  I did mock tests with Iain and they were brilliant , he used real marking sheets and explained every tick box very well to prepare me for my test. I felt confident going into my test because Ian had taught everything very well and I knew exactly what was going to happen. After starting with him in October, by February I passed my test first time having had one lesson a week ( hour and a half) . Cant recommend them enough , although I wasn't taught by Lynne I did do  a mock test with her and she was lovely too.  (Katie)

Fantastic driving school! Lynne and Iain are lovely and great instructors. Passed my test first time!!:-)  (Karen)

Fabulous..Twenty odd years after failing my last test, I got a pass first time.. Lynne and Iain were brilliant.     (Hazel)

Thank u Lynne. You made me feel like I could do it. You and Iain are a wonderful couple. I’ll miss our drives.     (Sara)

Thank you so much Iain for all your help and fab driving tuition. You will be highly recommended   (Hayley)

After previously failing with a different tutor, I came to Iain thinking I was ready to redo my test. How wrong I was! He was very professional and put me at ease at all times!! Despite the numerous horrible driving blunders I kept dishing out!!
I cannot recommend this driving school more! Thanks so much Iain for the support and faith!!! Finally got my test passed!!! Yaaaaaay       (

Thank you so much Lynne; it really has been an absolute joy learning with you! And you have been brilliant with me. Thank you for everything! I will celebrate tonight! Thanks again.   (Adam)

Would like to thank Lynne so much. Passed my test today! Couldn't have done it without you!!! Thank you so so much xxx     (Becky)

Initially recommended by my sister (who passed her test first time  and truly nothing but good things to say about Iain and Lynne and theirs driving lessons. Always on time and prepared with friendly approach and excellent sense of humour. There was no routine or generic list of what to follow, instead every lesson felt "tailored" and was focusing on what was lacking. I passed my test (first time) half a year ago and I'm driving since - never had an accident or even near miss and I was feeling confident on the road since first hour driving on my own - big part of that is due to excellent preparation I had with Iain and Lynne. Thanks guys!    (Adam)

Would like to thank Lynne so much for helping to pass my driving test!! Really lovely friendly instructor!      (Kayleigh)

Thanks for all your help Iain. I’m delighted; I’ve already got myself insured on my Wife’s car and you’ll be pleased to know I’ve just been practising bay parking at Filey Road Park & Ride! We’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone we know who wants to start driving.      (Steven)

Lynne and Iain I would like say a big thank you! I just passed my driving test today;))) but only because of you both. You are brilliant teachers with lots of patience and offered great advice to me. I highly recommend you. Thank you xx    (Ola)

Very good instructors who are friendly, funny and patient. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!         (Sally)

Highly recommend Iain and Lynne Hall very patient and friendly wouldn’t of passed without their help        (Holly)

I passed in October with Lynne and Iain. They helped me through my lessons in a short space of time and passed first time. They are both fantastic instructors. Thank you both!           (Rachel)

I just recently passed with these guys. They are great people. Lots of support and flexibility. Will work to your speed and make sure that you are confident and also most importantly a safe driver. I would recommend these guys to any new driver.           (Alex)

Thanks for all your help over the past few weeks Iain. You’ve been really good to me. Gave me the confidence to go and do it :) appreciate everything you have done for me.          (Hywel)

I passed my test first time with the wonderful help of Hall Driving School. I've been driving nearly 4 years now and everyone still comments on how much of a good driver I am. I ALWAYS recommend them if anyone asks me as they are both lovely patient people and it is great value for money. Keep up the good work!!         (Meshell)

AMAZING! If it wasn't for this driving school I wouldn't have passed my test! Thank you Lynne!      (Becky)

Thanks you! You guys are brilliant; all the best to you both x           (Alex)

A big thank u to Lynne for helping me to pass.xx          (Colin)

Lynne - huge thanx for your AMAZING patience and skills!! I’ll always highly recommend you! See you on the road :)       (Emma)

Thank you for all the patience and effort in teaching me how to drive! All the best in everything you do.        (Elizabeth)

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Ian really push me when I needed it, and built my confidence up. What's great about this driving school is that they don't just get you to test standard, they really teach you how to drive and prepare you for the roads. I still hear Iain's voice when I'm not sure what to do. Competitively priced, with good honest people. I even took my pass plus with them.     (Ailsa)

I was really nervous about starting to learn to drive but from the first lesson Iain put me at ease and got me driving as soon as he could. From my first to last lesson I felt that I was being listened to and pushed. Some of the time I didn’t want to attempt a manoeuvre or a certain aspect of driving Iain pushed me and told me that I could do it, which built up my confidence bit by bit, by my final lesson I was willing to give anything ago!!! I can't thank Iain enough for helping me to pass my test first time and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Iain :-)              (Emily)

Thank you so much Lynne for helping me pass my test. I didn’t think I’d do it but what do you know? You were so patient with me and I can’t thank you enough. Please thank Iain for showing me that motorways AREN’T scary!           (Rachel)

Thank you so much Lynne (and just a little bit Iain!) for your wisdom, never ending patience and encouragement.        (Alison)

Fantastical... Loved every minute of my lessons. Lynne and Iain are brilliant, Everything you could hope for in an instructor... Really put you at ease and at the same time make you feel positive and confident about your lessons, have recommended them to a few of my friends, wish I'd found them years ago..!!!          (Hazel)

Thank you Iain I'm so pleased, can't wait to get my first car! What Brilliant driving instructors you & your wife are!! Will definitely recommend you!         (Andrew)

Lynne - just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything over the past couple of months. I’m so proud to be leaving Scarborough with my licence!  (Evie)

Hall Driving School is brilliant. It is run by two of the friendliest approachable people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. I was instructed by Iain, he is patient, calm, knowledgeable, & supportive. Iain makes things clear to learn & take in as he instructs you perfectly, he teaches with total skill and good humour too, characteristics I think any good driving instructor should have. (This was in stark contrast to a previous instructor I had who was cold & unfriendly.) I only had Lynne for a single mock test, but she was just as friendly & approachable as Iain. Lynne & Iain should be the first call you make if you want to pass your test & get your driving license. You'll not only learn to drive, you'll get to meet two amazing people too.      (Sky)

Thank you so much Lynne (and just a little bit Iain!) for your wisdom, never ending patience and encouragement.        (Alison)

I passed 1st time with Hall driving school. I took lesson's with Iain; I was very nervous at first but after meeting Iain, I felt relaxed & comfortable. He was very friendly & made the lesson's safe enjoyable and fun. Excellent instructor!! I'd also like to thank Lynne (who helped me with my mock test). For anyone wanting to learn to drive, I highly recommend Hall driving school!! You won't regret it.          (Dane)